1. That late night studyin though…


  2. New phone, new job, new season of SVU last night that gave me a new song…
    Gangsta- Kat Dahlia


  3. Coworker said…

    "Man girl you need your own show…you sho is goofy"
    -Josh Elliot


  4. How it is:
    Girls be like “baby i love you. I will do anything for you… i will give up everything”
    When guys be like “trick please.”

    How it should be:
    Girls be like- “i’ll work at this if you work with me. My love is not a ball you can throw back at me”
    Guys be like “i got your back throughout everything. I will support you if you support me. I will cherish what you give me. Hold it like treasure. Not throw it like trash”


  5. Jakwob- Blinding


  6. Keep the Grind in Mind


  7. What a way to start your morning at 630am…smh
    *Kid Cudi voice* aaaaaaalllllright.

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  10. On my beetlejuice, sideshow bob, kid and play, referee swagg..