1. "Boys who keep their hands in become men who want hand outs"



  2. Why did they name him Mojo Jojo?

  3. Morning!


  4. Im livin my life as if i got powers and tonight I feel immortal!
    -Kid Cudi

  5. I was a born natural chick!

    And my mother was just as beautiful then as now..

  6. Natural Haired girls are winning…lawd have mercy…😭😍🔥

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  7. "You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather."
    —  Pema Chödrön (via purplebuddhaproject)

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  8. Immortal-Kid Cudi

    Theme song.

  9. goldenxpvssy:




    jesus himself opened his tomb to create this 

    😍😍 pure love

    Reasons why I love tumblr



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  10. This is that
    Cuddle on the couch, watch a sad or scary movie, eat some moose tracks icecream, take a hard run, love makin, #samsmith music, grill a few burgers, light a fire roast some marshmallows and hotdogs, walk around in your pjs, fall asleep on the couch, basketball playin, go outside and just stand and breathe…weather.